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Advising Center

IIFA’s student advisors are dedicated to making sure that our students are successful in reaching their academic goals. We are ready to help answer your questions and assist in making your journey as an ESL student an enjoyable one. IIFA advisors and staff offer their services in a variety of ways that are important to you as a student.

If you have any questions or need help with one of the topics below, please schedule an appointment with a student advisor.


Students may request at any time before or after their program start date to meet with one of our advisors if they are having difficulty adjusting to the school environment, understanding policies and procedures, or for any other concerns regarding their adjustment to the program. Advisors will work with you and your instructor to make sure that you are comfortable in your transition to our school and set on the right track for success. All students receive a Student Handbook containing the school policies and procedures and a Syllabus from their instructor which outlines the expectations for their course. We encourage students to reach out to their instructor or an advisor to clarify any policy or expectation they do not understand.

Academic Advising

Students who have questions or concerns specifically regarding their academic performance or progress are encouraged to reach out to their instructor as soon as possible. We encourage open communication between instructors and students in order to quickly identify and address any difficulties a student is experiencing in their studies. If you feel you need additional assistance, you may schedule an appointment with your advisor who will work with you and your instructor to come up with a plan for your academic success.

International Student Support

International students needing information or who have questions regarding their current status or the immigration process should schedule an appointment with their advisor. Advisors can counsel students on the immigration process and USCIS requirements and procedures. We will also help to address any matters related to transfers or travel permission for international students.

Our advisors understand the difficulties international students face when immersing themselves in a new language and culture, and that students may have difficulty adjusting and focusing in school. We strongly encourage international students to visit their advisor for counseling if they are struggling or feeling overwhelmed in any way. We want you to succeed and are here to listen and help.

Health Insurance

International students at IIFA English Learning Center are not required to purchase health insurance, but it is strongly encouraged that you do so. In the event of a medical incident, students could be at risk of wiping out much of their savings due to medical costs and endangering their ability to continue their education.

Some recommended insurance providers for international students are:

Please contact an advisor for additional information or referrals to other insurance agencies. Students are responsible for selecting and signing up for a plan that meets their needs.