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Activities and Events

Students attending IIFA English Learning Center can take advantage of the many activities and events held throughout the year in the Chicagoland area. Discover the many famous landmarks and museums of downtown Chicago, visit a variety of popular restaurants to sample the local cuisine, and take part in local events close to our downtown Skokie campus.

We encourage all students to continuously explore opportunities outside of the classroom to grow their English language ability and expand their knowledge of American culture.

Events, such as music and food festivals, plays, and more are regularly updated on the bulletin boards in the school, or learn more about some of the activities and events available by following the links below:

Recreational Activities

Field trips are planned by IIFA each term as a way to help students further develop their English skills while being able to have fun and socialize with their classmates and new friends. Sports games, historic buildings, landmarks, museums, annual festivals, and parks are just a few of the destinations students can experience with their peers.

On-Campus Events and Clubs

Instructors are always excited to teach about and celebrate holidays and other historical events with their students. You can look forward to attending the planned festivities on campus around all the major holidays, and even enjoy in-class celebrations to learn about and honor some of the most prominent people in American history.

Students are welcome to get together and request to organize a club with their instructor or other faculty members. Clubs are a great way for students to spend time with friends, discuss a favorite topic or enjoy an activity together while still putting their developing language skills to use. Make some time to watch a film together, start reading a book, share your favorite music, or compete in games with each other.