If you have an F-1 visa that has fallen out of status, you may apply for reinstatement of your visa

status by following the procedures below.

An F-1 visa may fall out of status by:

– Failing to maintain full-time enrollment

– Failing to attend the school whose I-20 was used to receive the F-1 visa

– Not filing an extension for your I-20 in time

– Not transferring your I-20 to a new school in time

Eligibility for Reinstatement

USCIS may consider reinstatement if you:

– Have not been out of status for more than 5 months

– Can show that the violation of status resulted from circumstances beyond your control

– Are currently pursuing or intend to pursue a full course of study

– Have no record of abuse of applicable regulations

– Have not been unlawfully employed in the U.S.

– Are not deportable from the U.S.

Prepare Your Application

1. Call us or come to the school to consult with a student advisor, and fill out an application.

2. Register for your program, pay any required fees and begin attending class.

3. Submit all required documents to IIFA

    – Proof of financial support (bank statements, sponsor letter/affidavit of support)

    – Copy of Passport

    – Copy of Form I-94

    – Transfer form from your previous school with release date

4. A letter written by you describing what led to your visa status termination

5. Complete Form I-539 (and I-539A for each dependent)

6. Create a money order of $370 for each I-539 filed and a money order of $85 for each applicant.

Attend Classes

1. When your I-20 is released to IIFA, you will be registered in SEVIS as “reinstatement”

2. Attend classes and comply with all IIFA attendance and academic progress policies while your USCIS application is pending

3. You may receive an RFE (Request for Evidence) from USCIS during their review of your application. Please bring the RFE to your student advisor for guidance.