New I-20

New I-20

I am a new student and live outside the USA. I need an I-20 from IIFA so that I can apply for an F1 visa before traveling to the United States to study. I plan to study at IIFA for 15 weeks or more.

F1 Visa

Transfer I-20

F1 Visa

I live inside the USA and already have an F1 visa and I-20 from another school in the United States. I want to transfer my I-20 to IIFA to study full-time. I plan to study 15 weeks or more.



I am inside the USA and have lost my F1 visa status. I want to apply for reinstatement of my status and study full-time at IIFA. I plan to study at IIFA for 15 weeks or more.

Non-F1 Visa

Change of Visa Status (B1/B2, J1 or other)

Non-F1 Visa

I have a B1/B2 Visitor visa, a J1 Visa or another visa status. I want to study at IIFA and/or change my visa status. We offer both full-time and part-time study options to fit your visa status needs!



At IIFA, we strive to provide our students with all the tools and knowledge they need to meet all of their English learning goals and thrive in an English- speaking environment, whether that be in school or in the workplace. We are devoted to helping our students reach their full potential.
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IIFA English Learning Center?

◎ We provide multiple scholarship opportunities to all new and continuing students.

◎ Our class schedules consist of two or three days per week, so all students have more freedom.

◎ Our school has multiple convenient locations in Skokie and Mt. Prospect.

◎ We offer affordable tuition rates and payment plan option.

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