Affordable Tuition

Affordable Tuition

Payment plans and scholarship opportunities ensure access to quality ESL education for everyone.

Scholarships for ALL Students

Scholarships for ALL Students

Special scholarship opportunities for new and continuing students are available now.

Longer Vacation

Longer Vacation

With our program structure, students can take over 4 months of vacation after completing two semesters.

Flexible schedules

Flexible schedules

Attend classes either 2 days or 3 days per week; Morning, Evening and Weekend options are available.



At IIFA, we strive to provide our students with all the tools and knowledge they need to meet all of their English learning goals and thrive in an English- speaking environment, whether that be in school or in the workplace. We are devoted to helping our students reach their full potential.
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Why Choose

IIFA English Learning Center?

◎ We provide multiple scholarship opportunities to all new and continuing students.

◎ Our class schedules consist of two or three days per week, so all students have more freedom.

◎ IIFA is a three-semester system, providing a longer vacation of more than 4months after the end of the second semester.

◎ IIFA offers two school locations for student convenience.

◎ All of our teachers are experienced, native-speaking instructors optimized for ESL education.

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